Why Partner with Audit International for Your Next Career Move?

At Audit International, our reputation for quality resonates not just with our clients but also with our candidates. We are recognized for the exceptional caliber of professionals we represent and our bespoke, consultative approach. This unique methodology ensures that when we successfully match candidates with new opportunities, we're not just filling a position – we're facilitating a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership between you and your future employer.

Our process is tailored to align your skills, aspirations, and values with the right role and organization. We understand that finding the perfect job should be efficient and straightforward. That's why candidates choose us for a seamless, hassle-free recruitment experience, leading them to rewarding opportunities that truly fit their career trajectory.

Partner with Audit International, where your professional journey is our priority, and discover the path to your ideal role.

What Can You Expect as a Candidate at Audit International?

√ In-Depth Market Knowledge:
Our international recruitment experience grants us unparalleled insight into the market. With an extensive client base and regular on-site visits, we gain a firsthand understanding of our client's exact needs. This allows us to offer you a realistic preview of your potential role, informed by our detailed knowledge of the workplace environment and expectations.

√ Comprehensive 360-Degree Feedback Process:
We prioritize a thorough and transparent process for every candidate. Our method includes:

  • Initial consultation to understand your career goals.
  • Internal interview to assess fit.
  • Advice on current, relevant opportunities.
  • Introductions to our clients.
  • Managing the interview process.
  • Providing feedback, whether positive or negative.

We address the common frustration of candidates being left in the dark after initial discussions, ensuring you're informed at every step.

√ Approachability and Honesty:
Building a close relationship with your recruitment consultant is key. We strive to be open, honest, and go beyond the standard approach. We aim to align your career aspirations with realistic opportunities through intensive meetings and a consultative strategy. Where necessary, we provide constructive feedback and suggest alternative paths for your career growth.

√ Diverse Range of Positions and Global Reach:
Beyond our local expertise, we offer a wide array of positions across various levels and locations worldwide. Our reach extends from Brussels to Beijing, encompassing junior to senior and partner-level roles. Thanks to our close client relationships, we're uniquely positioned to advise on career progression timelines.

√ Global Opportunities:
We actively recruit in and over 15 countries across the globe. Our niche specialization and firm size enable us to act as exclusive recruiters for specific international positions, meeting stringent criteria and offering unique opportunities abroad.

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Internal Auditor

Liège, Belgium
Market rate
Our client is seeking a candidate for the position of internal auditor. The role involves conducting independent and objective assessments to provide the organization with assurance on operational control, offering guidance for improvement, and contributing to the creation of added value. Through a systematic and methodical approach, the internal auditor evaluates the organization's risk management, control, and governance processes, and makes recommendations to enhance their effectiveness, aiding the organization in achieving its objectives.

Head of Internal Audit - Covering Americas Region

United States
Market rate
Lead as the Head of Internal Audit in a dynamic organization covering the Americas Region. Drive success through strategic audit planning, risk assessments, and independent evaluations. Utilize over 10 years of experience to provide leadership, business management expertise, and mentorship for a successful team. Located in Texas.

Competence Center Audit Manager – Limited Audits

Market rate
Lead as a Competence Center Audit Manager, specializing in limited audits. Bring innovation, motivation, and a wealth of experience to an inspiring, diverse team. Actively contribute to the center's development, coach team members, and maintain high-quality standards. Join us for a rewarding journey in a dynamic international network.

Senior Assistant - Audit Financial Services

Market rate
Join our global consulting firm as a Senior Consultant in Audit, working with diverse financial clients in Switzerland. Contribute to on-site examinations, financial statement checks, and consulting services, ensuring compliance and aiding clients in navigating complex regulatory issues. Be a key player in our dynamic team, expanding your knowledge and skills in the financial services sector. Apply now for a rewarding career with opportunities for professional development and growth.
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