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Hello, I am Clodagh Gibbons, a dedicated Recruitment Consultant specializing in the recruitment of Internal Audit professionals at Audit International. I primarily concentrate on recognizing exceptionally skilled professionals in Internal Audit, Fraud, and IT Audit, mainly within the EMEA region.
Within my role, I integrate my passion for connecting with individuals and recruitment, coupled with a deep understanding of internal auditors. I find great fulfilment in playing a crucial role in their life and career paths, supporting talented individuals to unlock their potential, and helping them reach their professional achievements.
What motivates me the most is not only placing individuals in positions but rather the prospect of aligning individuals with roles that resonate with their career aspirations. Establishing these connections and nurturing career advancement is the core of my work. Let's partner to guarantee that your team attracts exceptional talent, propelling your organization to new heights of success.

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