Risk Management

Risk Management professionals are key to identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks. At Audit International, we connect businesses with experts who provide strategic foresight in managing potential risks. Our candidates ensure that organizations are well-equipped to handle uncertainties, protecting their future and stability. Find your next role in Risk Management with us, where your expertise shapes organizational resilience.

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The Cost of Bench Marking: How Delaying Decisions Can Lose You the Perfect Candidate

Discover the critical impact of timely decision-making in the hiring process. Learn from a real-world example how delaying can cost you the perfect candidate in a competitive job market. Tips for employers on making quick, effective hiring choices.

Unlock Employee Motivation: 7 Key Factors That Boost Motivation in the Workplace

Employee motivation is the lifeblood of any successful organization. Yet, recent Gallup research reveals a startling truth: only 32% of U.S. employees are actively engaged at work, with an even smaller 23% engaged worldwide. This translates to missed opportunities, lost productivity, and an overall erosion of company success. The financial impact is severe, with Gallup estimating that disengaged employees cost the U.S. between $483 billion to $605 billion each year. But what if we told you that within your grasp are the tools to turn this around?

Seana's Insights: Leadership Traits That Make (or Break) Risk Management Success

Uncover the leadership traits essential for building a winning risk management team. Learn how partnering with Audit International, a leading internal audit recruitment agency, can connect you with top talent possessing these critical leadership qualities.