IT Audit

The realm of IT Audit is crucial for safeguarding IT infrastructure and data integrity. Our recruitment focus at Audit International is on professionals skilled in evaluating technology risks, ensuring IT governance, and maintaining security. We connect you with roles that are pivotal in protecting digital assets and complying with evolving technological standards. Find your next challenge in IT Audit with our curated job opportunities.

Active jobs

Global IT Internal Auditor

Czech Republic
Market rate
As the Global Internal Auditor, you will conduct internal audits throughout the year, covering various business processes such as accounting, procurement, sales, customer contracts, projects, human resources, research & development, operations, inventory management, compliance/code of conduct, and information security. This role provides an excellent opportunity and opens doors to additional prospects.

IT Audit Manager

San Antonio
United States
Competitive Pay
The IT Audit Manager holds the responsibility of orchestrating and executing audits, encompassing operational, IT, compliance, and special projects. Their role involves ensuring that internal audit endeavors are thorough enough to adequately assess internal control systems and operating procedures, adhering to generally accepted auditing standards.

Senior IT Auditor

United States
Competitive Pay
The direct reporting authority for the Internal Auditor IV is the Internal Audit Manager, and their primary responsibility is to spearhead audits to successful completion. From the planning phase to reporting, the Internal Auditor IV oversees audit projects and offers coaching and guidance to other staff auditors assigned to the project. In the course of individual Operational and IT audits, the Internal Auditor IV may assume various roles. A solid understanding of technology, coupled with advanced knowledge in Cybersecurity and the safeguarding of Corporate and Industrial systems in both cloud and physical infrastructure, is a key requirement for the Internal Auditor IV.

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