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IT Audit Jobs in the US and Europe: Find Your Perfect Fit at Audit International

The realm of IT Audit is crucial for safeguarding IT infrastructure and data integrity. Our recruitment focus at Audit International is on professionals skilled in evaluating technology risks, ensuring IT governance, and maintaining security. We connect you with roles that are pivotal in protecting digital assets and complying with evolving technological standards. Find your next challenge in IT Audit with our curated job opportunities.

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IT Auditor

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As an IT Auditor, you will play a crucial role in performing and supporting IT audits at various levels, with a primary focus on IT security, governance, and operations. Your responsibilities will extend to selecting, developing, implementing, and supporting tools and techniques for data-enabled internal audits. Additionally, you will collaborate with business auditors in integrated audits, ensuring a comprehensive approach to risk assessment.

Global IT Internal Auditor

Czech Republic
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As the Global Internal Auditor, you will conduct internal audits throughout the year, covering various business processes such as accounting, procurement, sales, customer contracts, projects, human resources, research & development, operations, inventory management, compliance/code of conduct, and information security. This role provides an excellent opportunity and opens doors to additional prospects.

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Skills you need to be a successful IT Auditor in 2024

The rapid pace of technological innovation creates both immense opportunities and unprecedented risks for businesses. IT auditors serve as guardians, safeguarding organizations from cyberattacks, compliance failures, and operational inefficiencies in our hyper-connected digital world. As a leading recruitment firm in the IT audit field, Audit International understands the qualities that make a truly successful IT auditor.