Internal Controls

Professionals in Internal Controls play a key role in risk mitigation and regulatory compliance. At Audit International, we recruit experts who implement, assess, and refine control systems to safeguard organizational integrity. Our specialists ensure that internal controls are robust and effective, aligning with business objectives and regulatory demands. Discover your opportunity in Internal Controls with us, where your expertise meets the right challenge.

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Senior Internal Controls Analyst

Remote - Tennessee
United States
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Our company is seeking a Senior Analyst for Internal Controls to be part of our team, which operates in a remote or hybrid setting. The selected candidate will play a pivotal role in addressing financial risks and enhancing control measures. Reporting to the Manager of Internal Controls, this individual will contribute to the reinforcement of the Internal Controls Framework, particularly focusing on our retail operations. Responsibilities include the upkeep of risk and control records and coordinating with internal management teams, the Internal Audit department, and external auditing firms.

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