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Former KPMG partner Mark Hutchinson joins Ernst & Young (EY)

Explore the strategic impact of Mark Hutchinson's recruitment to EY from KPMG. Delve into our comprehensive analysis of how this move fortifies EY's global presence, enhances its audit and assurance services, and signals a new era of innovation and growth in the accounting industry

Barclays replace PwC as auditors after 120 years

BARCLAYS is set to engage a new auditor, severing ties with PwC, the Big Four firm that diligently scrutinized the financial records of Britain’s second-largest bank for over a century.

PwC picks up lucrative HSBC audit

Explore the pivotal move by PwC in securing the HSBC audit contract. Discover how this strategic acquisition impacts the auditing industry, enhances PwC's market position, and sets new standards in financial auditing. Dive into our detailed analysis of PwC's approach, technological innovation, and the future outlook of this significant partnership.