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The Comprehensive Guide to Internal and External Audit Comparisons

Explore our in-depth guide comparing internal and external audits. Discover key differences, best practices, and synergies to enhance your audit strategy and ensure organizational integrity. Ideal for professionals seeking comprehensive insights into audit processes.

PwC picks up lucrative HSBC audit

Explore the pivotal move by PwC in securing the HSBC audit contract. Discover how this strategic acquisition impacts the auditing industry, enhances PwC's market position, and sets new standards in financial auditing. Dive into our detailed analysis of PwC's approach, technological innovation, and the future outlook of this significant partnership.

U.K. proposal a second blow to mandatory audit firm rotation

Explore our in-depth guide on the latest FASB accounting standards changes. Understand the impact of ASC 606, 842, and 326 on your financial reporting, and discover strategies for seamless compliance and enhanced financial transparency.

Protiviti Examines Global Shift in Internal Audit Function

Explore our comprehensive guide to sustainable living and environmental conservation. Discover practical tips, in-depth articles, and the latest news on eco-friendly practices, renewable energy, and preserving our planet for future generations.

EY has been appointed as auditor to Iberia, replacing incumbent auditors Deloitte

Explore the latest shift in the auditing landscape as Ernst & Young (E&Y) replaces Deloitte as the auditor for Iberia, Spain's national carrier. Hywel Ball, E&Y's Head of Assurance, highlights the strategic significance, showcasing the firm's global prowess in aviation audits. Discover how this change aligns with broader trends in auditing engagements among major corporations.