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KPMG retains Greggs audit contract

Explore the dynamic partnership between KPMG and Greggs, showcasing KPMG's innovative audit strategies and commitment to excellence. Dive into how technology, tailored services, and ethical practices are redefining auditing standards, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Former KPMG partner Mark Hutchinson joins Ernst & Young (EY)

Explore the strategic impact of Mark Hutchinson's recruitment to EY from KPMG. Delve into our comprehensive analysis of how this move fortifies EY's global presence, enhances its audit and assurance services, and signals a new era of innovation and growth in the accounting industry

Barclays replace PwC as auditors after 120 years

BARCLAYS is set to engage a new auditor, severing ties with PwC, the Big Four firm that diligently scrutinized the financial records of Britain’s second-largest bank for over a century.

PwC acquires IT firm Mokum

PWC has successfully acquired the IT consultancy firm Mokum, incorporating its 160 London and Manchester-based professionals into the folds of the Big Four company, with the distinction of promoting two of them to partnership.

PwC acquires IT firm Mokum

Discover the latest strategic move by PwC as it acquires IT consultancy firm Mokum, integrating 160 professionals and promoting two to partnership. The agreement, pending regulatory approval, enhances PwC's technological capabilities, addressing client demands for transformative solutions. Explore the synergy with PwC's Oracle expertise and the anticipated market growth in this competitive landscape.

KPMG retains Standard Chartered audit

Discover the outcome of Standard Chartered Bank's extensive open tender process for its external audit as KPMG retains its position, defying expectations after more than four decades. Explore the background, challenges, and the meticulous evaluation process leading to KPMG's endorsement, as articulated by Simon Collins, UK Chairman of KPMG.