Baker Tilly to join RSM International network

Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon is poised to emerge as the distinguished member firm of RSM in Ireland.

RSM, an expansive consortium of autonomous audit, tax, and advisory entities, ranking as the sixth largest globally with a workforce of 38,500 across 120 nations, discloses the forthcoming inclusion of Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon into its Irish membership. In a strategic move, the firm will disassociate from Baker Tilly International, adopting the appellation 'RSM' upon finalization. Pending regulatory endorsement, this transformative shift is slated for implementation on the 3rd of May 2016.

Seated in Dublin, Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon oversees two additional regional offices. Its genesis in 1987 has seen it burgeon into a top-tier establishment boasting 12 partners and a staff exceeding 120 individuals. Propelled by escalating service requisites, the firm is set to augment its workforce by 20 individuals this year, with ambitious plans for a subsequent 50% expansion over the ensuing five years. Renowned for its unwavering dedication to excellence and value, the firm prides itself on fostering enduring, personalized associations with its clientele.

The gamut of services proffered by the firm encompasses assurance, audit, tax consultancy, corporate restructuring, risk advisory, transactional support, and outsourced accounting and compliance. Its extensive proficiency spans both the public and private sectors. Diverse industries, including property and construction, not-for-profit, education, pharmaceuticals, and waste/green energy, feature in the firm's client portfolio. Augmenting its prowess, the firm harbors a cadre of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) specialists, collaborating with enterprises to facilitate global expansion and distinction within their respective sectors.

Jean Stephens, the Chief Executive Officer of RSM International, underscores the pivotal role of a robust Irish firm aligning seamlessly with the network's global service delivery, particularly concerning Ireland's key trade partners – the United States and the European Union. Simultaneously, she underscores the imperative for alignment with the network's overarching strategies and vision. A shared commitment to establishing robust, synergistic client relationships aligns the partners and staff of Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon with RSM's ethos, making them an esteemed addition to the network.

John Glennon, Managing Partner of Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon, anticipates a transformative phase of growth by affiliating with RSM's dynamic network. Expressing anticipation for collaboration with RSM's UK and US counterparts, Glennon envisions working synergistically with diverse RSM entities worldwide to cater to an expanding international clientele. Recognizing the global paradigm of business, the partnership with one of the premier leaders in mid-market business services, RSM, is seen as a strategic response to this reality.

The seamless transition to RSM is lauded, given the resonance of RSM's novel global brand, messaging, and strategy with Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon's own ethos. The metamorphosis into RSM is perceived as a natural progression, aligning the firm with a vibrant and forward-thinking network poised for mutual success in the evolving global business landscape.