Alliance between KPMG and SailPoint to help clients safeguard valuable information

The partnership forged between KPMG, a venerated firm in audit, tax, and advisory, and SailPoint, a vanguard in identity and access management, has been publicly disclosed. This collaboration is dedicated to furnishing robust information defense solutions, assisting clientele in governing and shielding their pivotal data.

SailPoint's forte lies in offering comprehensive identity and access management (IAM) systems, encompassing compliance, allocation, credential administration, and admittance control. These systems are accessible either as a local deployment (IdentityIQ) or a cloud-hosted service (IdentityNow). The synergy of SailPoint’s avant-garde IAM solutions with KPMG’s expertise in identity management aims to fortify the defense of essential data and applications situated in data centers, on mobile platforms, and within cloud environments.

The alliance is poised to yield several prospective advantages. These include the diminution of risk, adherence to compliance mandates, enhancement of user interfaces, and the refinement of business process controls. Additionally, it promises to elevate operational productivity and curtail expenses. Concurrently, this partnership seeks to augment the customer experience, thereby broadening avenues for revenue generation.