US Stock markets print record highs at Friday’s close.

Posted by | June 23, 2014 | Latest Audit Information & News

The leading list of shares in the US comprising of the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average have recorded recorded record high levels at their closing price on Friday last.

Shares on the indices hit 52-week highs on the New York Stock Exchange whilst the S&P 500 scored its third record closing high in a row while the Dow surpassed its previous record close on June .

These levels being reached and held; are showing us continued optimism in the recovery of world trade and a healthy business market place.

The US is leading the way which of course will in due course see other economies follow suit.

Volatility in world markets is also reaching new lows as measured by the VIX volatility index, which typically is priced and moves inversely to the price quoted of the S&P 500 list of companies.

In turn, as optimism grows, auditors will feel even more secure in making their next move in their careers as growth in their target companies continues to soar.

In fact, we currently have a number of options within Internal Audit with NYSE listed multinationals a present!

Therefore if you are actively seeking or else open to listening to new opportunities, then reach out to us to discuss further.

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