The Greatest Cities to Live in the World

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Audit International, the leading specialists in Internal and External Audit Recruitment across Europe, the US and Asia have known the list of the top 50 places in the world to live in 2015. Index factors include liveability, cost of living and safety.

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Global Liveability Ranking and Report reveals that Melbourne is the most liveable city on Earth. This ranking is based on 30 qualitative and quantitative factors spread across five areas: stability, infrastructure, education, healthcare and environment.

Recently published list provides scores for lifestyle challenges in 140 cities worldwide and shows that liveability across the world has fallen by 0.7%, led by a 1.3% fall in the score for stability and safety following a decade of destabilising events.

Locations on the top of the ranking tend to be mid-sized cities in wealthier countries with a relatively low population density, which boast increased recreational activities, but without high crime levels and overburdened infrastructure.

As we have mentioned before, Melbourne leads the list for the fourth year in a row. Also this year’s list puts eight of the ten most comfortable places to live in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Logically, cities with major conflicts are ranked lowest, including Damascus (140) Lagos (137) and Karachi (136) although the EIU excludes hotspots, such as Kabul and Baghdad, because the rankings are “designed to address a range of cities or business centres that people might want to live in or visit.” Related to this, cities experiencing the biggest decline in standards of living over the past five years (serious problems with unemployment, violence, civil unrest, and instability) are: St Petersburg (70), Moscow (73), Sofia (87), Athens (69), Tunis (103), Muscat (88), Cairo (120), Caracas (126), Kiev (124), Tripoli (132) and Damascus (140).

We can find Vienna in the 2nd position, Helsinki (8), Zurich (11), Geneva (12), Hamburg (12), Paris (17), Frankfurt (18), Luxembourg (25), Dusseldorf (32) and Miami (38).


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