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Internal auditors have a strong desire to know more about emerging technologies and improve the way they use technology to perform their duties, according to a new survey.

The survey included more than 600 internal auditors by global consulting firm Protiviti.

Mobile applications and social media are among the top areas of technical knowledge that internal auditors most need to improve, according to the global survey.

Computer-assisted audit tools and data analysis tools top the list of audit process knowledge internal auditors crave the most.

“Internal audit professionals’ plates are more than full as they strive to protect their companies from exposure to risk while assessing new technologies and learning new regulatory requirements and professional standards,” Brian Christensen, CPA, Protiviti’s executive vice president for global internal audit, said in a news release.

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There has been movement in the rankings between the top audit firms according to the latest Adviser Rankings quarterly statistics.

In regards to client market cap for AIM 100 clients, KPMG has moved up to third place with Grant Thornton slipping down to fourth place, but PWC and Deloitte remain first and second respectively.

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More and more recruiters are using LinkedIn to head-hunt candidates, which is why it is of vital importance to have your profile up to date with as much detail as possible. In a way your profile is like a CV to a recruiter. In order to develop your career in internal and external audit and to be noticeable to the audit market you should have a detailed profile.

Make sure your profile is as detailed as possible. Having as much detail as possible will make you stand out more to audit recruiters and give them a clearer picture of your experience. The more detailed your profile is the stronger it will be.

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Even as assurance and compliance responsibilities are expanding for internal auditors, a significant shift in their strategic duties is on the horizon, according to a new survey.

More than half (54%) of respondents expect that in the next two years, internal audit’s primary mandate will be providing stakeholders with business insights and serving as a strategic adviser to the organization, according to EY’s Global Internal Audit Survey 2013.

Less than one-third (28%) of respondents said playing that strategic role is currently the primary mandate or focus of internal audit. More than 500 chief audit executives (CAEs) and audit committee members participated in the survey.

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