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The Institute of Internal Auditors plans to open a new American Center for Government Auditing in early 2014 and has hired a new director to run it.

The ACGA will offer specialized services to meet the needs of public sector internal auditors. James Pelletier, city auditor for Palo Alto, Calif., will leave his current post and begin working at the IIA’s global headquarters in Altamonte Springs, Fla., next month, the IIA announced Monday. Pelletier has more than 15 years of internal audit experience in both the public and private sectors. He previously served as chief auditor for the county of San Diego and has been an active IIA volunteer for several years, including serving as a member of the International Public Sector Committee.

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Internal Auditors Could Make External Audits More Efficient, that is according to audit profession leaders.

If internal auditors are frustrated about the extent to which external auditors rely on their work, they should circle the wagons internally and initiate dialogue about how to get a better balance to improve audit efficiency.

That’s the advice of audit profession leaders who presented a keynote panel discussion at Compliance Week 2013 regarding some of the biggest audit challenges facing public companies today. “Well-controlled, well-managed organizations cost less to audit,” said Greg Weaver, chairman and chief executive officer at Deloitte & Touche. “Internal audit is a key part of a well-controlled, well-managed organization. Our coordination with internal audit is very helpful in making sure that the work we do is efficient.”

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