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Recent numbers reported that Euro zone employment levels are once again rising which in turn is adding further hope that EU recovery is well underway. Figures released by the EU statistics office show that the 18 countries in the Eurozone reported a marginal increase of 0.1 percent quarter on quarter in the 3 months to March which is also a growth rate of 0.2% up for the year.

Within  Germany specifically , the euro zone  employment numbers demonstrated a slightly larger increase of  0.3 percent on the quarter and 0.8 percent on the year.

Other countries however such as Portugal are unfortunatley still showing negative trends in terms of the labour markets.

Troubled Greece as also slowed its annual fall to 0.5 percent from 2.6 percent in the last quarter of 2013 which again is giving some additional signs of condifence that the worst may well be behind them.

Amid the good news and talk of recovery the other side is that there are still some 18 million people in the region who are without employment- a figure that governments are working what seems like tirelessly to reduce.

Separately, data showed that net trade made a positive contribution to growth in April as the trade surplus increased to 15.7 billion euros ($21.38 billion), from 14.0 billion in the same period of 2013.

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Grant Thornton has strengthened its financial services tax team with the appointment of EY’s Richard Milnes as partner.

Previous to his post at EY, Milnes also worked in in international tax for Shell and as head of tax planning for Lloyds TSB before moving to a front office tax structuring and transactional role at Lloyds.

Milnes is to be based at Grant Thornton’s London office.

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There are many qualifications internal auditors, external auditors and IT auditors can study towards to better their audit careers.

Possessing any of the qualifications or certifications can boost your chances of getting an audit job. Many audit job descriptions now include the preference for extra qualifications depending on the role. This does not mean that people with these qualifications will get the audit jobs over people that don’t. It will be an extra bonus in your favour.

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At Audit International we currently have a selection of audit jobs around Switzerland. At the moment the main regions of Switzerland that our roles are based in include Zurich, Geneva and Lausanne.

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Within the audit market the Big 4 audit firms are Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC), Ernst & Young (EY), Deloitte and KPMG. The Big 4 are the 4 audit firms who dominate the audit market.

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The past financial crisis that many economies all over the world experienced prompted a renewed interest in the role and importance of auditing. The future of auditing will therefore be closely tied to the continuous ripples of effects that the world is still experiencing due to the financial crisis. However, it is to be expected that this industry would continue to grow in prevalence in the business world.

Now, more and more companies are realising that the audit and assurance professions are vital to an organisation. In fact, many companies who, in the past, did not conduct audits now find the need to do so. They are realising the need to go back to the basic management principles so they can identify problematic management practices and rectify them; audit plays a key role in this as only a true and effective audit can conduct effective fraud detection and risk management procedures within a company. Firms are thus advised to staff an internal audit department or to outsource audit work to specialist providers just to meet its auditing requirements.

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