Switzerland and Singapore rank highest among destinations for Auditors and ex-pat workers.

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Switzerland and Singapore  rank highest among destinations for ex pat workers.

Audit International, the leading specialists in Internal and External Audit Recruitment across Europe, the US and Asia have recently learned of the results of a new survey conducted by global Banking Giant, HSBC.

The survey found that  ex-pat auditors in Switzerland and Singapore are among the world’s favoured destinations when you take into account a number of conditions related to integrating into new audit jobs in these societies.

Many of the polled candidates including Internal Auditors cited various reasons for enjoying relocating to Switzerland such as

  • better work-life balance,
  • availability of outdoor activities
  • and the family-centric culture all contributing to the polled candidates  reasons why they enjoy the Swiss lifestyle.

In total the poll took into account over 9,300 people working across various sectors including Audit. Each of the participants were aged between 35 and 54 years of age, and thus some of the Auditors had significant audit careers built up.

The factors that the survey covered including questions about their

  • financial situation,
  • salary,
  • savings and
  • the local economy,
  • as well as their quality of life and
  • family issues such as education opportunities for their children.

Switzerland ranked the highest on all of these topics which is great news for Auditors looking to find new audit careers based in Switzerland.

Out of those polled, a quarter of expats said they earned the equivalent of over 157,000 Euros a year which is of course a notable difference from other locations, however there are of course different factors to take into account such as cost of living and mandatory taxes etc.


Regions in Asia also scored highly on the poll with the average cited ex-pat wage of $120,000, compared with a global average of $92,000.

Specifically, Singapore “performs solidly in all areas accounting for quality of life” while offering good economic opportunities, the survey said. China also scored very highly with many high earners quoting that they ended the month with significantly higher levels of disposable income than other locations.

Other top-ranked countries were Germany, seen as stable and safe, followed by Bahrain, New Zealand, Thailand, Taiwan, India and Hong Kong.

Some of the lowest-ranked of the 34 countries polled included Egypt, followed by the United Kingdom and Brazil due to the polar opposite of ease of integration and all of the factors above which makes an auditors life a little easier when moving to the more attractive locations.

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