Why should I use a Specialist Headhunter?

Why should I use a Specialist Headhunter?

You should consider using a specialist head hunter because it’s our role to reduce the time, stress, costs and risks associated with finding you the right candidates; it is our mission to ensure the perfect match between client and candidate from the outset.

As experts in the Audit industry we constantly monitor trends and movement of key personnel within the industry, we have a broad client base, we know what is happening and can advise our clients on the best approach to securing the optimum candidate.

While we can also advise on the appropriate salary we recognise that the top people are drawn to a role that satisfies more than their financial needs. Quality candidates are looking for fresh challenges, new horizons and satisfaction of other factors. Using specialist agency like Audit International will ensure you have a service provider that is totally focused on satisfying if not exceeding your expectations in attracting the right personnel.

Ambitious companies are built and driven by highly skilled and talented people. Finding these types of people consistently is one of the most challenging tasks in the modern business environment.

Fortunately, Audit Internationals’ track record of delivery to its key International clients can help ensure you find the most talented people available on the market.

In summary:

Specialist Consultants within a niche market

• We are specialist consultants in our own markets as opposed to some of larger general recruitment companies.

• Our function is very much a “value add” function as opposed to the more old fashion fee driven business model.

• The specialist knowledge we have and instil in each consultant will ensure both client and candidate are dealing with highly knowledgeable consultants in their market.

Market Knowledge

• As a Client you will benefit from using us as you can obtain a market overview on skills shortages & surpluses and therefore gauge where to price their salaries for their desired skillsets accordingly in order to attract the best people.

• Candidates can also be assured that we will have our fingers on the pulse of a very niche market, knowing when key teams in the market will be hiring and how to best combine our clients’ needs with their skills sets in order to help them obtain their place in the desired company.

The most important business resource over the next 20 years will be talent: smart, sophisticated commercial people, who are technologically literate, and operationally agile. But as demand is increasing conversely the supply of talent is dwindling. Why can it companies find or attract an outstanding candidate through traditional recruitment methods? The answer is that only a fraction of the people you are seeking to attract are actively looking for new positions.

We offer and undertake a range of service to meet your needs which include:

1. Referrals from our extensive candidate database not surprisingly account for a large proportion of the people we find roles for.These candidates are not actively searching for new roles in the market and therefore with Audit Internationals help, we turn excellent “passive” candidates into an “active” potential candidate for your new vacancy. This is a very comprehensive database due to our extensive experience within this market which sets us apart from the competition;

2. We can act exclusively in placing advertisements for a specified candidate. We can either do this confidentially or have an advertisement that displays your firm’s name; and

3. We can carry out specific Executive Search and Selection, such as team acquisitions in order to negotiate a move and place the right candidate(s) with you.

Traditional recruitment techniques simply do not reach these exceptional candidates.

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