Market and Salary Information

Market Knowledge

Because we have already developed relationships with many high calibre candidates we are confident that they recognise our ability to provide them with the optimum career path.

They recognise Audit International as experts in audit recruitment; as having excellent industry knowledge, as negotiating the appropriate remuneration package and as having relationships with key employers in the given markets.

In depth knowledge

With years of international recruitment in Europe and Asia we have an extensive candidate base of high quality professionals to choose from.

To complement this pool of available candidates we have also developed the experience needed to identify and headhunt senior level people or those with specific skills succeed in a particular industry.

With such a complete package of skills, contacts and experience we can ensure the recruitment process will run smoothly for all parties involved. We are confident in our ability to become a strategic business partner who becomes an integral part of your recruitment processes going forward.

When considering new roles, many especially skilled individuals rely very heavily on our in depth knowledge of the market in which we operate.

Along with providing an understanding of the culture of their prospective new employers with which we deal with and represent.

They also gain a unique insight into the range of salary options that may be presented to them should they consider a move to a potential organisation.

You cannot get this information if you go directly as it is not  readily available in the general marketplace.


Our considerable International experience working in Europe and Asia has seen us develop a considerable contact list with which we can work with going forward. We have also developed the specific skill set to enable us to headhunt the most senior level people and specialised individuals as well as ensure that the whole process runs smoothly for all parties involved. It is due to our expertise, niche skills, contacts and experience that we can ensure we will be successful business partners and an integral part of your recruitment needs going forward.