Range of Positions

Range of Positions

We  act for many firms and organisations that have positions available in various locations and International offices demonstrating our reach is truly International.

These positions range from all levels from Junior to Senior and Partner level. We are also in a position to advise realistic time-frames in which you can expect promotion due to the close nature of the relationship we hold with our clients.

We actively work in many European destinations including Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Moscow, as well as further afield such as Kazakhstan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Bahrain, Muscat, India, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Beijing.

Due to the size of our firm and niche specialism we are often solely recruited to find suitable candidates for positions abroad for very strict criteria where we are only the only agent acting on behalf of these mandates.

In order to learn more about these exclusive positions, call us to discuss in complete confidence and with out obligation now on 0041 4350 830 95