How to stand out in the audit market on LinkedIn

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More and more recruiters are using LinkedIn to head-hunt candidates, which is why it is of vital importance to have your profile up to date with as much detail as possible. In a way your profile is like a CV to a recruiter. In order to develop your career in internal and external audit and to be noticeable to the audit market you should have a detailed profile.

Make sure your profile is as detailed as possible. Having as much detail as possible will make you stand out more to audit recruiters and give them a clearer picture of your experience. The more detailed your profile is the stronger it will be.

Headline and summary

Make sure and include a profile headline and summary. The headline should give recruiters an understanding of what position you are in. For example internal auditor, external auditor, lead auditor, audit manager. If you are looking for a new role you could have “Internal auditor looking for new role within audit” as your heading.

Within the summary give a brief snapshot of your experience and skills within auditing.


Select an industry, because recruiters often use that field to search. You want to appear in as many searches as possible.


List your experience in as much detail as you can. This will give recruiters and head-hunters a good understanding of what experience you have in your audit roles. Include current and past audit positions. This will help make your profile stand out in the audit market.


Include any language skills you may have. This will be important to recruiters who need candidates with languages. Some auditor job descriptions will include a need for a second language.


Include any degrees or qualifications you have obtained. This can include MBA, BSc, CIA, CISA etc.

Skills & Expertise

List your skills and expertise. This could include internal audit, external audit, IT audit, SOX, SAP, information security etc.


By having all the above as detailed as possible will help you stand out in the audit market and make your profile more appealing to recruiters and head-hunters for audit roles and audit jobs.

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