Why align yourself to / work with Audit International?

Clients come to us because of the calibre of our candidates and for the tailored and successful consultative approach our consultants provide to our existing and newly registered candidates. This ensures that when we are successful in finding candidates a new opportunity, it is the best one and is also a long term move which fits right for the candidate and client. Our candidates come to find a job quickly and with the minimum of hassle.

What you as a candidate want?

Market knowledge

We have detailed knowledge of the marketplace due to our experience in working in international recruitment. Our client base is extensive and we dedicate a substantial amount of time to visiting our client’s onsite which provides us with inside knowledge to the exact requirements of the respective partners or heads of Departments. This enables us to provide our candidates with a realistic view of what life will be like on the job having taken the time to visit the offices and gain a detailed perspective of what your working day will entail.


We believe that having a close relationship with your recruitment consultant is an integral part of the process in finding  the ideal next job. We aim to be open, honest, approachable and to go the extra mile. It is our am to formulate a strategy with which you can achieve your objectives by going through an intensive meeting and adapting a very consultative approach. Sometimes we have to tell people that their aspirations are unrealistic but we hope to be constructive and suggest viable alternatives.

360 Degree Feedback

One of the main things we ensure all our consultants give priority to is to ensure each and every candidate goes through a full 360 degree process with us.

By this, our process and method is very simple.

  • Initial Consultation
  • Interview Internally
  • Advise on current relevant opportunities
  • Introduce to our client
  • Manage the process
  • Advise of the outcome- positive or negative

Many candidates have vented previous frustrations having invested time into speaking with a consultant about a particular opportunity of interest only to never hear from them again.

Range of Positions

In addition to the above we also act for many firms and organisations that have positions available in various locations and international offices demonstrating our reach isn’t simply within the UK. These positions range from all levels from junior to senior and partner level. We are also in a position to advise realistic timeframes in which you can expect promotion due to the close nature of the relationship we hold with our clients.

We recruit for Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Moscow, Kazakhstan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Bahrain, Muscat, India, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Beijing. Due to the size of our firm and niche specialism we are often solely recruited to find suitable candidates for positions abroad for very strict criteria where we are only the only agent acting on behalf of these mandates.