Accountancy firms spread their services

Posted by | May 12, 2015 | Big 4 Accounting firms, Internal Audit, Latest Audit Information & News, Risk Audit, Sarbanes-Oxley

Audit International, the leading specialists in Internal and External Audit Recruitment across Europe, the US and Asia have learned more than 50% of accountancy firms are planning to diversify their range of services. In the other hand no more than 30% of firms expect to maintain the same services they provide to clients in 5 years’ time.

The most popular prospective service, with more than a third of firms planning to provide it in the future are HR and management consultancy. Meanwhile, a quarter aim to offer financial advice to private clients or investments and pensions.

Among all firms, 15% expect to provide client legal services.  Of those surveyed, 13% aim to offer property valuation and 9% commercial legal advice e.g. contracts or employment law.

While the majority (59%) expect to increase their specialism in particular industry sectors, for example manufacturing, retail etc, almost 72% plan to increase their specialization in particular services they already provide, for instance audit and tax.

Mentioned survey has been conducted by Case Ware. Shez Hamill, sales and marketing director of the firm concluded: “The research demonstrates that many of the firms in the Top 100 have a clear strategy of broadening the range of services they offer into other professional areas such as property, law and consulting. They are firmly following the path set by the Big Four, of accountancy firms becoming much broader business advisory practices.”


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