Our portfolio of clients are diverse and continually expanding due to the tailored service we provide. Clients come to us to fill their vacancies quickly, routinely and in a cost effective manner and to find candidates who fit into their own business model. We have a broad and loyal range of clients with whom we have dealt for many years. Our recruiters have also been with us for a long time and developed a detailed understanding of their clients’ needs and established an extensive network of candidates what we can call on to fill positions as they arise. The following are factors that clients have told us are important to them when choosing a specialist Audit recruitment consultancy:

Why should I use a specialist Headhunter?

Whenever you are recruiting it is essential to know whether you are going to be flooded with highly qualified applicants or struggle to find someone. Are you competitors looking for the same candidates and if so how do you make sure your business recruits the best candidates are the expense of your competitors? As we have a broad client base we know what is happening in the marketplace and can advise you on the best way to approach this and also to advise on the appropriate salary. Candidates are normally drawn to a role because of the challenges or other factors rather than simply the basic salary. It is important that these factors are brought to the fore otherwise the only point of negotiation is cash.

We offer and undertake a range of service to meet your needs which include:

  1. referrals which are already included in our extensive candidate database. This is a very comprehensive database due to our fee-earner contacts and sets us out from the competition;
  2. acting exclusively in placing an advertisement for a specified candidate. We can either do this confidentially or have an advertisement that displays your firm’s name; and
  3. we can carry out specific executive search and selection, such as team acquisitions in order to negotiate a move and place the right candidate(s) with you.

We evaluate all matching candidates and only provide you with the best candidates for your final review. We present our candidates to you in a clear coherent fashion by ensuring that all of their details are on matching C.V.s that are all set out in the same way for your ease of reference. We can also use your C.V. template if you would prefer. Our strategy and what makes us stand out is our volume and breadth of fully-vetted quality candidates. We vet, review and assess candidates’ C.V.s and only provide to you the top candidates for interview.

We are committed to providing a highly confidential service; act in a timely manner without delay; and are competitive and flexible on fees. The more technical your needs are, the more solutions we offer to ensure you recruit that headline move.

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